Thursday, June 30, 2011

Clouding Up

I wonder if it's supposed to rain today. Probably, since I watered the garden after mowing yesterday evening. I know it's supposed to heat up today and tomorrow. I don't feel quite as sleepy today as I did yesterday. I never did feel awake and it was very easy to go to bed at 10:30; I think I'll try for 10 tonight, just for a treat. Did I ever tell you that I walk a mile when I mow? Yep, almost exactly. It kind of amazes me since our yard's not that big but I wore my pedometer once or twice and that's what it said. Pretty cool, huh?

June 29--Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, Diana and Actalon. It felt great to stop hiking through the forest and sit beside the stream. Di took off her boots and thick socks to cool her feet in the water. It was so clear that she could see every rounded stone on the stream bed. The small silver fish that darted away when she first dipped her feet in came back to investigate the tiny air bubbles trapped in the downy hair on her feet.

And that's when I conked out for the night. I vaguely remember putting my notebook and glasses on the nightstand. Enjoy your day. Make it a good one.

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