Monday, June 13, 2011

Not My Night

As far as writing goes, anyway. WWKIP Day went well and my hummus was a hit. I was peeved that I'd spent too much on the bags of pita chips and most of them were broken, but that's my problem. I should have done what I did in February and cut up some actual pita breads and toast them, but I thought the bought ones would be better. Wrong! I got my ankle sock finished last night before bedtime too. Now I can cast on a new one at work today--after I measure, mark and cut out pieces to sew a car trash bag, that is, which means I should hurry this along so I can go downstairs and pick out fabrics. It's hard to cut the pieces out if you leave the cloth at home. Next you're going to see something I rarely experience, lack of words or ideas.

June 12--Egypt, Thebes, Valley of the Kings, Artist's Sketch of Pharaoh Spearing a Lion.

How can I make that fat little coward look brave? Noth the artist on the tomb project had been sketching for days.

Golden sands shift in hot winds
reveal the corner of stone
paint still dark after millennia
Pharaoh hunting
he and his dog
against a lion

Well, okay then. We'll be hoping for more and better tonight, won't we? Monday well.

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