Friday, June 3, 2011


I like Friday. I don't have to work and I have two more days off after Friday. Friday Night Knitting Circle is on Friday nights too. Right now I feel like I could take a nap, Fridays are good for that too. I can go sit on the couch with my feet up and doze off. It's luxurious. Maybe today I'll go downstairs and make Dusty a new fanny pack since the one I gave her a couple weeks ago blew out its zipper the first time she put it on. I know fanny packs are out of fashion (there wasn't one fanny pack pattern at JoAnn the other day) but they make it easier to carry water and your keys when you walk or bike. Plus we're old enough not to be bound by what's fashionable. Take that, Tim Gunn! Maybe I'll go out onto the patio and sniff the Lilies of the Valley blooms out there. It's such a pleasant surprise to be sitting there and suddenly have that sweet aroma waft over you. I need to stop zooming around trying to accomplish everything in one day. Maybe I should pick one thing to get done in a day, just one, and use the rest of the day for quiet contemplation. Yeah, like that'll happen.

June 2--Andre Kertesz, Poughkeepsie, New York 1937. It was too hot to stay inside. Gayle pushed up the window and tugged the screen out. She leaned out to put a rag rug out on the fire escape and then climbed out to sit there hoping for a breeze to cool her off. She thought about sleeping out there but just then a train came through, stopped for a minute, and then headed off again. That went on every twenty minutes around the clock. There was no way she'd be able to sleep through that. The Carlsons one floor up slept out on the escape all summer long. Lars put a frame up with an awning to keep the rain off and dragged a mattress out each night. She she wouldn't be along out there but she couldn't stop thinking of rolling over and right off the grating, of big diesel trains spewing dirt and grit as they rolled by, and what about rats and bats? No, she'd rather be hot and safe than cooler and fall to her death or get rabies from a bat bite. But, God, it was hot.

And that completes today's word and whining. Stop in again tomorrow for more middle-aged, middle-class angst. Happy Friday.

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