Friday, June 10, 2011

We're Regressing

It's back to being chilly and rainy today. I thought that we'd bounce back to warm after a short cold-hot-cold cycle but evidently not. It's supposed to be dreary, cool and rainy all weekend. I'm sure the Bellin 10k runners tomorrow will be happy but I was hoping to bike the trail today and tomorrow. Maybe not. Spring is still the season, officially, until June 21 so I guess I shouldn't complain but it seems we're swinging from one extreme to another these days. Going outside and shouting my displeasure to the skies isn't working, guess I'll have to try another tactic. Hmm, I could perform an Inca ritual but I really don't look good in feathers and where would I get a vestal virgin to sacrifice? Plus my knees are too achy lately to climb a pyramid. Maybe I'll gather herbs and cast a spell. I've already got a pot of herbs growing on the patio. Wonder how much heat I could generate with basil, thyme (2 kinds!), and parsley? Or I could just keep complaining and see how far that gets me.

June 9--Germany, Nuremburg, Quatrefoil Panel with Arms and Secular Scenes. Marnie hated the bird in the window over the front door. It was one bird with two feet, two wings, and two heads. Two heads! Papa said it stood for the Kaiser a long time ago but she thought it just looked mean. Both of its beaks were open (she knew it was crying out) and the talons on its feet were spread like it was swooping down on her. No, she didn't like that window at all. She wished Mama would put a curtain over that window. She had put curtains over every other window in the place. Why did she leave that one terrible window uncovered?

It's getting darker outside instead of lighter. As it gets darker my eyelids get droopier. I'd go back to bed if I hadn't made the bed already. I love a made bed; it makes me feel like the place is tidied up. Stay dry today!

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