Friday, June 24, 2011


with a chance of sun later. Whatever that is. I didn't plug in the fountain today. There's no use spending the electricity to make the water tinkle and splash, nobody's out there to enjoy it. I'm working all day today (le sigh) but I don't have to work tomorrow. Yay. If it's nice tomorrow maybe I'll round up Skully and Cookie to go kite flying. I need some crazy fun with my crazy friends. I got the map bag made yesterday. It turned out well but it might not be big enough so I'll probably make another one. It was easy enough. The only problem was my lack of precision so the flap pocket (which is clear vinyl so you can fold a map and tuck it in there) needed last minute trimming. No biggie. I like it. You'll notice I found map fabric to make it with. The sides are an awning stripe, as is the lining but that has map sides. Very creative, don't you think? See how wet it is out there???? Everything is soaked and I'm sure the skeeters are in hog heaven.

June 23--Ji Eon Kang, Dress. A sound like hundreds of tiny bells preceded her arrival. "I don't think I can sit in this dress," Margaret said to her friend Gail as they paused in the doorway. Gail looked her friend up and down, front and back. "I can't figure out how you got the darned thing on my yourself." Margaret shrugged, a musical gesture in itself. "I called Mrs. Owens next door and she helped me. We nearly giggled ourselves sick but I'm in this dress for the duration." Gail shook her head at the thought of wearing a silk sheath covered with hundreds of metal disks as a fashion statement. "You look amazing. I just hope you don't have to pee."" Giggles threatened to overtake Margaret again. The dress began to chime but she got herself under control just as she spotted her boss Ursula. "There she is. Let's get this over with."

And each metal disk had an "M" on it. Interesting idea but a pain to wear, I presume. I'm off to work with my knitting and more fabric to cut out. I love having the nice big tables in the back room to spread my fabric out on. I love my job.

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