Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Okay, So I Lied

I didn't come straight home and post, I went to the bank (once in the car and once on foot), talked to Durwood, and peed, but here I am now and I'm pleased that at least it's before noon. It's a gorgeous day today too, sunny, cool and breezy. I wish I could take my sewing machine and ironing board out onto the patio and work out there instead of in the basement, but it'd be too much of a pain to drag all that stuff up and then back down. So maybe I'll dart down there, sew a little, and then come up to bask outside (weed or clean the wasps' nest out of the birdhouse) for a while, and then go back. Up and out, down and in, back and forth until it's time to go knitting tonight. Even though it's not Friday night I'm going to meet a few different friends (well, some are the same) to knit for a couple hours at Harmony Cafe. Should be fun.

June 27--French, Jacket. You know she chose the fabric very carefully. It shows in the way the green of the skirt is echoed in the jacket. It's not difficult to tell if it was for a special occasion or for everyday. Well, for someone like me it is. I'm not educated in the history of fabric or fashion but then it was a much more formal time. It was probably an afternoon dress for calling on friends. A lot of that went on in those days of servants and idle women. It must have been frustrating. For who? For any woman with an ounce of brains and interests that extended beyond the trivial or gossip. Oh, gossip. I can see the woman who wore this talking behind her gloved hand passing on a juicy tidbit, can't you? You certainly have a vivid imagination. How do you find all this in a simple photograph? I don't know, just lucky I guess.

I realized as I wrote that I was imagining a conversation between women in a museum but I was too lazy to put in the quotes. Actually, too tired. Go out and play today.

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