Sunday, June 26, 2011


Henny and Penny have been in their new home for about 5 days so we got to go see them today. They're still getting used to the coop and to being away from all the other chicks, so they tend to hide in the corner. DS & DIL1 stretched some chicken wire (oh, that's what it's for) around some stakes so that the yard service chemicals don't get on their grass and they're not allowed out into it yet. Henny and Penny are teenagers in the chick world. They were born around Easter and won't be laying until September. Most of the time they peep like little chicks but if they're startled they'll let out a cluck or two. Henny is smaller and darker but is the bravest one. Penny has more copper on her throat and she's a bigger chicken, in all senses of the word. But they're pecking around in the grass and one of them captured a worm earlier but didn't know what to do with it beyond pecking at it. DIL1 said the worm was putting on speed to escape, but really, how fast can worms go?

A bunch of lilies are in bloom. The red-orange and yellow A
siatic lilies are in front

and the pink & white "Lipstick" lilies are on the edge of the yard in with the milkweeds that draw the Monarch butterflies all summer.

The spiderwort is blooming its little purple flowers all around the tiny,
struggling red rose in the garden. Soon there'll be a sea of daisies there. This year I'm determined to move some of them around before they spread and take over the garden.

The Early Girl tomatoes are making fruit and my yellow bell pepper is too. The baby bunny is nibbling on the Brussels Sprout so that's getting a chi
cken wire cage today.

I've been working on Bandwagon Block #6. It's easy to knit this red-orange colored yarn, and I'm sure it doesn't look it, but I've added more to the sock too.

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Aunt B said...

Love all your pictures. The flowers are beautiful -- Spring DID finally come to GB!!! Henny and Penny so cute and Abby looks like a darling Peter Pan!