Saturday, June 11, 2011

Buy One, Get One 1/2 Off!

I just got a call that my 1/2 off shoes are in at Rogans. I'll be going over to pick them up soon-ish, which means that I need to shower and get dressed to get my nails done too. I'd really rather just loll around today, but I also just remembered that I need to make (or buy) a snack to take to World Wide Knit In Public Day tomorrow. Hmm, maybe I'll whip up some olive hummus and buy pita chips. Or I could get a couple boxes of fortune cookies, put 'em in a bowl or box, and call it a day. Probably the hummus. I like making it and I like eating it. Durwood's feeling better today. He's back to being hungry and his eyes are clearer. Right now he's napping but he's always napping, that's normal too. Which is much better than him roaring around yesterday amassing info about power of attorney and setting up a trust so there'll be no probate when he buys the farm. All of which led me to believe that he thought it was on the way out. I threatened him that he'd promised to take me to Yellowstone in August and he wasn't getting out of that so easily so he agreed to wait to croak until at least September. Men, you've gotta keep on them every minute. He's the ants in this relationship, I'm the grasshopper. He's planning for the future, I'm dancing in the sun. We're a good match, although I think my grasshopper ways give him a cramp sometimes. Okay, a lot of the time.

June 10--India, Sarangi. Joel sat on the porch steps with his book. He was supposed to be resting. That's what Mama called it. She thought that everyone should lay down after lunch someplace cool, dim, and quiet but Joel had too much to do to waste part of the day laying in his room. He convinced Mama to let him lay down on the old couch on the porch where it was breezy. He's put a pile of book on the little table next to the couch, promising to read a book a week if she let him rest out there. It worked. She looked through his stack of books to make sure none of them were inappropriate, patted his shoulder, and went inside to lie down in her and Pa's room. Joel kicked off his sandals and stretched out with his dog Scamp right where he could reach down and scratch him. Joel's best friend Larry came over and he flopped in the cane chair, picked up the ext book on the pile, and started to read too.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the picture for the day. I just saw a little boy on sunny steps holding a book and took off. I love it when that happens.

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