Saturday, June 25, 2011


It came to town last night! It's sunny and warm today so I blew off blogging this morning, zipped to the grocery for a few things, and then went kite flying with my friends, Skully and Cookie. We had bought ourselves "wing" kites at Goodwill a while back so I rousted them and we went out to the university soccer field and flew kites. Skully had never flown a kite so she was in heaven. It was a good thing we had the wing-shaped ones because there wasn't enough wind for the diamond ones. I tried to fly one and it wouldn't. We agreed that doing fun stuff like that is wasted on kids. It was good to be out in the sun and fresh air with a kite at the end of a string tugging on our hands. We saw a pair of hawks and a few well-shaped college men running. Away. We're past the age when men run toward us, at least Skully and I are. They might still sidle up to Cookie, she's only in her 40s.

June 24--Jacob van Strij, Landscape with Cattle. Oscar loved cows. He had grown up creaming of the day when he had his own herd. In the margins of his notebooks, where the other boys doodled cars or airplanes, he drew cows. He liked their broad backs and their sturdy legs. he liked their dark and liquid eyes that looked at him with a kind of understanding. His wife Minna was another story. She didn't like cows except as shoes, purses, or steaks. She didn't want cow pats in the front yard bringing the ripe bovine scent into her rooms. Oscar didn't understand her objection at all. He thought that cattle made excellent front yard decor.

I'm off to the basement to play with a website I found called Library Thing. It's a way to get a handle on all the books around here. Should be interesting.

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