Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lunch Date

We are invited over to DS & DIL1's for lunch today to meet Henny and Penny, our grand-chickens. DS requested that I make a Grandma Stephan's Lemon Cake so I did (mmmm, lemon cake), and I lucked out and found a yellow cake mix without pudding in it. You can usually rely on the cheap "house" brands to have basic, unimproved food when you need it. I get tired of all of the "new" and "improved" foods. What's wrong with plain old food? There's nothing better than fresh steamed veggies with a tiny bit of salt, pepper, and butter, I don't need all the sauces and stuff to make it more palatable. But then I can be a bit of a grump about certain things. My neighbor is out on his riding lawnmower. I can't figure out why he has a rider, his yard is pretty much flat and not that big. Maybe he's just lazy. I don't get that. Isn't it better for your joints to walk around? I have a self-propelled mower so I don't have to push so hard, but I like walking that mile, back and forth and around, it gets my joints moving and my pores sweating. Makes me smell bad and feel good all in one package. What's not to love?

June 25--French and Chinese, Mounted Vase. Tia loved to trace what she called "the 'flies" on the vase in Grandma's china cupboard. If she was very good Grandma took the vase out of the locked cabinet and allowed her to run her finger over the delicate designs. When Tia drew she drew the ruffled and polka-dotted butterflies that were on the vase. Uncle Leo said that the vase was the first thing that she had really looked at and that "the 'flies" were her first words. She knew they weren't because Mom had written in her baby book that "hot" was. That Uncle Leo sure was a tease box.

I like that the 'flies look like flowers until you study them. Then you can see the antennae and wings. Time to get back to the crossword puzzle.

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