Wednesday, June 29, 2011


It's definitely summer now. Spring was kind of a bust with all the rain and cool temps, but the hot and humid is on the way. Yesterday was one of those absolutely perfect days bright, breezy, and topping out in the mid-70s. Ahhh. It could stay that way until Christmas for me. Durwood would like it a degree or two warmer but he can deal, right? It's most important that I am happy, don't you think? I was very proud of him yesterday, he was stepping right out when we were walking through the third (and last) store on our round of errands. That must mean that his gout-y toe is feeling better. Plus he's got to train so he can hunt fossils with me and walk to see the geysers and bubbling mud pots on our Western adventure in August. Eeee, I'm getting excited. And on July 16 I get to go to The Clearing for a week. Can't wait! What are you looking forward to?

June 28--Roman, Sarcophagus with the Triumph of Dionysus and the Seasons. "This is not comfortable," he said frowning and shifting. "Oh, quit complaining, Dion," said Winter, "at least you've got a ride. The rest of us have to walk." "Yeah," said a chorus of small voices from below his feet, "try being small in this mob. We're just waiting for your lion to trample us." The tiny human-like creatures twined around the lion's paws and darted under the other seasons' legs. Winter drew a deep breath and blew into the horn he wore on his shoulder. Dion's lion mount turned and growled toward the source of the chilly wind roaring across the crowd. Over Dion's shoulder Spring held cymbals that drowned out Winter's roar. She clapped them together, the warmth of the notes lessening the grip that the master of the cold and dark held over the young god.

Again I wanted to go on but fell asleep. How come I'm too sleepy at night and can hardly wake up in the morning? I try to sleep from 11 to 7, isn't that enough?

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Aunt B said...

Your trip out west is going to be soooo wonderful. There's just so many incredible sights to behold. It makes you appreciate living in the USA! I'm looking forward to a little trip with a girlfriend up to The Berkshire Mountains in Massachusetts to visit one of our bridge-playing buddies who summers there. Lee and I are going in August. Should be fun.