Monday, June 20, 2011


This week it's all rain, rain, rain, rain, rain. All week long. Maybe not on Friday, but they're not making promises. Tomorrow's the first day of summer, you know, and I suspect that our summer's going to be like this, cool and rainy. Yesterday when we left Goshen it was nearly 90 degrees. When we got home about 3 PM it was 60. That's 30 degrees difference in 330 miles, if you're too menopausal to do the math. Talk about culture shock. I had to go buy some tank tops and a scarf to cook up a semi-appropriate outfit for the rehearsal dinner. And I learned something else, when you're hot and sweaty dangly earrings stick to your neck. It's not pretty, not pretty at all, and not comfortable either. I nearly put on my swimsuit and witnessed the wedding from the edge of the pool but at the last minute I chickened out. Plus they wouldn't let me eat in the pool and the food smelled good, so I stayed dressed in my khaki slacks and red embroidered top and sweltered. Not like the bride, of course, but I was plenty hot enough.

June 19--Gu Jue, Brush Holder.

He carved a world
in three inches of bamboo.
Craggy mountains,
lush forests,
boatmen, philosophers,
and a donkey.
All alive, all busy,
all on a piece of grass
you can hold in your palm.
I had more to say about that but I was too tired. Maybe another day...

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