Sunday, June 5, 2011

But It's Not A School Night

I stayed up too late last night, until almost midnight. I was listening to a novel on my iPod and was nearly at the end and I was 10 rows from finishing the heel flap on the ankle sock I'm knitting so I decided to finish them both. I thought it was a great idea, but that idea didn't seem so great when Durwood opened the bedroom door at 7 this morning to remind me that I wanted to get up early so I wouldn't miss my haircut appointment. My haircut was 2 weeks overdue and it was getting difficult to tame my mop into a presentable shape. I have very fine, short hair with zero body and 2 extra weeks between haircuts is a looooong time. Now my hair is back to normal and, while I'm a little itchy from the hair schnipples in my shirt, I feel great. I made a batch of coleslaw (I love coleslaw!) to take to DS & DIL1's cookout later today so now all I have to do is wait until it's time to go. Although my stylist did have an excellent suggestions I might implement. My chiro wants me to focus on walking heel to toe to east the strain on my knees and I'm trying, but she suggested getting some of those fitness shoes, you know the ones with the curved bottom, so that I'll have to walk that way. After I post this I'm going on Rogan's website to see what they've got and I may just zip over there to pick some up. Plus I hear they make your butt look good.

June 4--El Anatsui, Between Heaven and Earth. People think that poor people don't need art, can't make art, but they're wrong. No matter how wretched a person's life is, art can make it better. Anat is an artist. The fire to make art burns in him so brightly that it takes all his control to focus on his job at the market. On his way home he collects cans tossed on the roadside and wires left over after construction projects.

More tonight when I won't stay up too late. Promise.

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