Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sprinkler Lessons

I learned two things this morning while positioning the sprinkler: 1) chickadees don't like it when you sprinkle into their birdhouse, and 2) if you turn the valve lever by the business end of the hose you'll sprinkler yourself right in the face. I'm a slow learner but I don't melt. Since I was wet when I went indoors I just got right into the shower. Why waste a perfectly good soaking? My knee hurts again, right where it did when I started this chiropractic odyssey. Maybe it's the new "toning" shoes I got on Sunday and have been wearing constantly since then. Maybe it's my punishment for not getting help to move the van seats when I hyper-extended it in the first place. It's keeping me from Wii-ing in the morning because it feels like I'm going to hurt it more. *sigh* This sucks. Big. Greenies. And not the dog treats by that name, either.

June 6--Paul Cezanne, Still Life with Apples and a Pot of Primroses. Marie knew that when he was done with the painting it would look like he had flung the cloth down on the table, plopped the pot of primroses at one end, and tumbled a peck of apples onto it. She had been watching him for an hour and the composition was anything but random. He teased the white cloth into peaks and nestled the apples into it. the apples themselves were scrutinized as to size and color, even their blossom ends were examined for symmetry. There were three pots of primroses on the sill. Each one had its chance to impress, only the pink one met his needs.

And now it's time to toss the wash around, make the marinade for tonight's salmon, and forage for lunch.

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