Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Peachy Morning

In the sky, anyway.  I went out to top up the birdbath (so the heater doesn't get high and dry and burn out--they're too expensive to replace) and the sky was a festival of that indescribable peachy orange of sunrise.  While I was out there I filled all the feeders (yes, I had pants on) and basked in the pretty sky colors.  It's a darned good thing Mother Nature makes it so beautiful when the sun comes up or goes down because both the end of night (and sleep) and the end of the light can be kind of depressing.

We have a new temporary tenant.  The end of the warm weather is when all kinds of outdoor creatures hunt for a warm place to overwinter.  I discovered that a Daddy Longlegs has decided that our bathtub and a leg of Durwood's shower chair is the perfect winter lodging.  I'll be disabusing him/her of that decision momentarily.

We stopped in at the broker's office in the afternoon, had a piece of pie with a cup of coffee and a nice visit with other clients, the broker and met the new receptionist.  It was a pleasant little time and we came home with our own pumpkin pie.  This is just one of the things I dearly love about living in a city that's not too big to be friendly and a little bit folksy.

In knitting news, I went to knit yesterday evening with my first knitting friends after a couple year hiatus.  See, they switched to Tuesday night and that's been my day off so I couldn't just go straight from work like I used to be able to do when it was on Thursday night and it's ALL the way across town.  Maybe five whole miles.  But I was determined to go yesterday so I did, and I really enjoyed it, although KD and JD weren't there so I have to go back, probably next week.  I started and worked on Sudoku Violet #6 there even though I haven't assembled Sudoku Block #5 yet, that I'll do at Friday Night Knitting.  (Isn't it convenient to have so many knitting opportunities?)  Then after supper I started knitting a cuff-down training sock because I volunteered to teach the Guild sock knitting newbies in January, besides I wanted to try out the square needles I bought a while back.  Happily PH will be teaching it with me so we're getting together next week to plan our attack.  This pattern is the one DD used to teach me to knit socks so I say if it's good enough for me, it's good enough for the Guild.  Plus it makes a cute widdle sockie.  If I make two, I'll have a pair of booties.  Hmm, that's not a bad idea.

November 25--David Katzenstein, DS95-10.  His piercing brown eyes looked out at her from the poster.  She'd recognize those eyes anywhere.  The last time she had seen them was when he had his left hand around her throat pinning her to the brick wall in the alley behind the shut down Woolworth's while his right had fumbled at her clothes.  She had tried begging and pleading to be let go to no avail.  Finally she closed her eyes to try to remove herself from what was happening.  She felt his hot, dry hand on her bare flesh.  "Look at me," he said through gritted teeth, "look at me, I want to see you."  Now here were those same eyes staring at her from a poster in the church vestibule.  He would be the featured speaker at the youth conference next week.

Oh, look at the time.  I've gotta stop at Kwik Trip on my way to work.  Hasta la vista, babies.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Onion Bread--Done!

This morning I got the dough mixed together and got the onion bread for Thanksgiving baked.  And may I say that this house smells absolutely scrumptious.  It's going to be hard not to cut a little taste but we're going to be strong.  Tomorrow night after work I'll make the pumpkin bread pudding with toffee sauce.  (there might be rum involved--be still, my heart)

I can't decide if these were vapor trails or just really oddball looking clouds in this morning's sky but look at that blue.  Isn't it gorgeous?

Yesterday I knitted on Sudoku Snow #5 and got 10 (decreasing) rows from being done when the yarn ran out.  $%#&^!  But I had another skein of the white in my knitting basket so I could just join on more and keep going, with two more tails to weave in but such is knitting.

Then I turned to the Knoxville Seathwaite hat.  I got halfway through the first chart repeat and I have to say it's making a bit more sense so maybe I'll finish this thing before spring after all.  On Sunday I wound up three skein of bulky yarn into balls when I put together the hat kits and am sorely tempted to cast on the shawl it's for but I swear I won't until the hat is done.  Cross my heart.

Last night I decided to crochet a snowball or two while watching TV and got frustrated that I still don't seem to be doing it right so I got out three of six different colored markers and marked each and every "leg" of the darned thing and think I might be onto something.  I feel like a rank beginner needing to put in so many markers but it makes it so much easier and I hook the right places.  I will swallow my pride and stick with the rainbow of markers so I make snowballs that aren't "artistic."

November 24--Phil Cantor.  Everybody hated Mr. Peterson's Geography class.  Everyone, without exception.  Even people who were crazy about maps and learning about topography and contour lines found their steps lagging on their way to his classroom.  Mr. Peterson had a gift.  He made every word he said boring.  He droned on in a monotone, sounding a bit like the robo-voice on lazy people's answering machines.  Plus he had the world's worst breath.  It had to be some condition because I know he brushed his teeth, he carried an orange toothbrush in his shirt pocket with his pens.

It kind of annoys me when the photographs I use as nightly writing prompts don't have names to aim my thoughts.  Oh well, I manage, don't I?  It's time for me and Durwood to go to our broker's office for pie.  They give away pies at Thanksgiving.  Pretty good deal, don't you think?  Bye.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday, Monday, Can't Trust That Day...

I've got the Mamas & Papas stuck in my head for some reason.   Not the worst earworm, at least I know the words.  Decent harmony too.

I went to see Mockingjay Part 2 yesterday and it was pretty good.  I did buy Milk Duds which I am sure elevated the entertainment quotient a bit and the theater wasn't crowded even though I didn't catch that the football game start time moved from noon to 3:25 (why do they do that?) so I was home long before kickoff.  At least it wasn't a home game.

I tried to knit on Sudoku Snow #5 in the theater thinking that it'd be easy because the yarn is white but the movie was pretty dark so it was hard to see the knit-2-togethers plus the movie was exciting so I had to watch the screen instead of my knitting.  I pounded out a few rows after supper but didn't finish the square which I had hoped to do.  Oh well, I'll get it done sometime today.  What I did accomplish was putting together three "hat kits."  Karen over at Fringe Association instituted a Hat-along early this year, each one introducing a new, more complex technique.  I knitted the first one in September (way to jump in late, Barbara) and I have the fifth one On The Needles but for some reason I'm not enjoying #5 right now, so I thought it'd be a good idea to print off the three in-between patterns and dig out the yarn I had earmarked for them and maybe that will motivate me to finish #5 so I can do #s 2-4.  Maybe--or maybe not.  Who can tell?

Speaking of supper, I fired up the grill and made a NY Strip steak for us to split.  It was delicious and didn't survive to have its picture taken.  But look at what I saw when I went out to roll the grill back against the house--snowflakes.  Not very many but it's going to be cold enough today that they won't be melting anytime soon.

I really liked this morning's clouds.  I liked the peek of blue sky between rolls of clouds, they kind of reminded me of the wool they call roving when it's ready to be spun into yarn.

I'm at work and left my notebook at home so there'll be no little paragraph of prompt writing today.  Don't worry, that smidgen of random words will be back tomorrow.  Probably.  Ciao, babies!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

In Which I Have a Fun Day

Yesterday I didn't blog.  I didn't do much beyond go places with friends and have fun.  An excellent day.

First I went downtown to the Holiday Parade.  My knitting pal, KW, drove her company's float so I had to go down to shout and wave.  That's what friends do.  It was fun to see the high school bands and the dancing school kids.  Lots of candy (probably leftover from Halloween) got tossed to the kids in the crowd and there was a kettle corn stand not too far away. Yeah, it was cold but I bundled up and toted Durwood's old plaid wool stadium blanket from his high school days to sit upon and I was fine.  I was a bit bummed that there wasn't a hot chocolate seller near where I was sitting but the parade was a blast.  Next year I'm taking a bag o'chair because getting up from sitting on the curb for over an hour was a trick.

After that I hurried home to warm up a bit before picking up another knitting pal, MW (no relation to KW), to go to a sale and open house at a knitting mill in Valders.  It's about an hour away so we chatted and laughed all the way down and back.  He bought a giant skein of some gorgeous yarn grown right there.  I bought two skeins of a more restrained size (and price) and a whole mitt full of buttons.  It was pretty much a button day.  I got polymer clay buttons, wood buttons, and (best of all) ceramic clay buttons with Native American symbols on them from a potter just up the road in Oneida.  And I didn't spend all of my mad money.  I even got home in time to snap a photo of the sunset.

After supper I went over to the theater and bought myself a ticket to see Mockingjay 2 during the Packer game.  I figure I won't be in a huge crowd then and I'll get to see the last Hunger Games movie.  I'd rather go with a friend but with all of the snow predictions for this weekend (and we didn't get a flake) plus her car's been unreliable we decided to cancel getting together and just go see the movie separately.  *sigh*  Once I had my ticket I slipped into Hancock Fabrics to nab a couple skeins of Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool in colors I didn't have.  I am determined to knit a vest using that yarn so I need all the colors to plan how I'm going to do it.  (you notice how I used "need" to justify that little yarn purchase?)

November 22--Susan Lapides, DS-9.  Old Mrs. Feeny sat out on her porch most of every day.  She had her green-painted rocker situated so she didn't miss a thing in the neighborhood.  She saw the kids catch the school bus, saw the teens get picked up by friends, watched most of the adults go off to work.  For a while there wasn't much going on, that's when she'd read the paper and then write letters.

And now it's time to slap some photos on here and zoom off to see the movie.  Maybe I'll treat myself to some Milk Duds.  It's not really a movie without Milk Duds.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Paula Says I Have Muscle Tone!

Muscle tone.  I haven't had that in years.  See?  I knew doing that bit of yoga every day was a good idea.  And I have such a lovely view out the patio doors.  The sky is blue with puffy white clouds this morning and would be perfect except for the ice on the birdbath.  The wind hasn't diminished much but it looks like the street sweeper came by yesterday so maybe I don't have to wash the broken glass off the street this morning, but I'll still make sure.  I do not need to buy new tires.

I finished Hoot Hat #2 yesterday--but I think I might need to change the eye buttons.  I think it looks a little creepy and "owl of the damned" with the green ones.  I've got black, navy, and orange buttons already but Michaels has the little plastic bottles of buttons on sale for fifty cents and I think they've got some turquoise ones, those might be best, so I'll swing by today and nab some.

I worked on Sudoku Snow #5 last night.  If I get it finished today, I can crochet together Block #5 and be more than halfway through.  I have got to quit getting distracted by other shiny things and finish this.  I should probably tack the word "eventually" to the end of that sentence because I have no power to resist other shiny things.

And speaking of "shiny" I've been watching episodes of the late, lamented, cancelled sci-fi series, Firefly on Netflix.  It was a show before it's time.  Every time I'm flipping channels and run across an episode of Castle I think, "that's Captain Reynolds, not Castle", and keep flipping.

November 20--Eric Futran.  Isiah told stories.  From the time he could make sounds he'd sit on the stoop and tell stories.  At first they were more inflection than vocabulary  You know, like watching a foreign film without subtitles, you kind of get the gist of the story by the tone of the voices and the body language.  When Isiah had more words at his disposal he was unstoppable.  Everything he saw he would incorporate into his tales weaving fact and fiction, fantasy and reality.

Time to make a grocery run but first check for broken glass.  Toodles.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Still Windy & Now Cold Too

The wind blew like mad all day yesterday, didn't slack off much overnight, and it's still roaring out there this morning, only instead of being warm wind from the southeast, now it's chilly wind from the southwest.  I got home late last night to see that the recycling bin had blown over and a glass bottle had broken into shards on the street and in the gutter--where I park when we want to take Durwood's van.  So I was not thrilled to be out in the dark and windy night sweeping up broken glass and leaves (since it was too dark to separate them on the spot).  I think I'm going to take the hose out there later and blast all of the dirt, leaves, and any glass I missed down toward the end of the lot so I don't puncture a tire.  I don't need that since I got a call from the mechanic to say that while my oil change was done, the serpentine belt was cracked and ready to break and my front brakes were pretty much shot.  "Fix it," I said without hesitation, so that meant I got to amble down to Joe's after I got the glass swept up to fetch it.  It was still over 50 degrees so the wind, that was at my back, didn't make me cold.  I walked past the park and the trees were making odd squeaking and groaning sounds in the wind.  It should have been Halloween for all the creepy noises coming from that direction.

Being so windy and rainy it was pretty quiet at work yesterday.  I had a few customers come in and had to talk one lady through how to work the keeper on her new snorkel on the phone.  When I suggested she stop in so I could show her she said she would except she was in Chicago waiting to board her plane.  Okaaaay.  I grabbed a snorkel like hers and talked her through the button pushing, keeper twisting, and keeper pulling necessary to leave half on the snorkel and half on the mask strap.  I was quite proud of myself that I managed to tell her what to do clearly enough that she did it.  I also had time to crochet almost all of Hoot Hat #2.  Just one more earflap, two eyes, a nose, button eyes, braided ties, and I'll be done.  This is a very fun pattern and it comes in adult sizes too.  Hmm...  Just in time for the season's first snowfall which they're predicting for tomorrow night.  Ugh.  I know, I know, it's the middle of November and a week before Thanksgiving so it's supposed to be cold and snowy here in the Frozen Tundra but we're spoiled by the warm weather we've had.  I know the deer hunters aren't thrilled that there's no snow for opening weekend this weekend but those of us who aren't hunters or skiers or snowmobilers are darned glad it's been warm and dry.

November 19--Tom Arma, Elf Available.  It wasn't even Christmas time but there was the card on the notice board in the Red Owl.  "Elf Available" it read.  That's it.  Just two words and a phone number.  I stood there staring at the small green rectangle with its tidy printing and mysterious message.  Before I could write down the number I got nudged aside by the cart boy coming through with a string of rattling carts.  I took the end one when he stepped away, pulled out my list, and went down the first aisle.  I couldn't get those enigmatic words out of my head.  Elf Available.  What kind of elf?  A Santa's elf?  A Lord of the Rings elf?  A Harry Potter house elf?  There were a lot of things around my house that could use the attention of an elf who was good with tools, so as I walked through Produce I hoped it was a Santa's elf.  When I rounded the corner into the Meat department I thought maybe an elegant Tolkien elf would be good, someone to have a conversation about art, music, and literature with.  In the Dairy department I dropped a quart of milk that splattered across the floor.  That cinched it, I would call the number and hope a Harry Potter house elf would answer and help this muggle get her house in order.

Oh my, that was fun to write and it came screaming out the end of my pencil so fast I could barely keep up.  I love when that happens.  It should happen more often.  Time to shower and find an extra layer and maybe some warmer socks to wear to work today--in my car with its new belt and brakes.  Stay warm and don't blow away.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Still A Little Life

It's terribly windy today but it isn't cold--yet.  That's supposed to arrive on Saturday.  Today we might hit 60 degrees but we'll probably have rain as a bonus.  Speaking of rain, my car needs an oil change so after running a late-afternoon errand my plan was to drop Beverly, the HHR, at Joe's Autos a couple blocks away and just walk home.  It isn't far, I can see the bank from both Joe's and my patio door so you know it isn't more than a block farther, a long block, but a block.  If I cut through the parking lots of the buildings behind us it's just a hop, skip, and a jump home.  Except when it's raining.  It had been pouring rain but when I stopped at Joe's it was barely sprinkling, more raindrops riding the wind than active rain.  Naturally Joe had people looking at a street rod-looking vehicle in the showroom so I couldn't get a ride home, so I walked.  I didn't get too wet but my hair was all curly and wavy.  Why isn't it all curly and cute all the time?!?

When I went out to try to take a picture of the wind (and didn't do too badly, if I do say so myself) I also saw this little honeysuckle blossom cluster hanging on.  We've only had a frost a few nights and it's in the middle 50s right now.  I also noticed that volunteer tree/shrub thing growing between the retaining wall and fence still has most of its leaves.  What's up with that?

LC loved her birdfeeder mittens when I showed them to her.  I'm making her an owl hat to coordinate.  I thought I was making the top of the hat in a honey toast solid color yarn but then I found this deep, dark purple that almost matches the purple in the variegated perfectly. Who says owls can't be purple?

November 18--Tom Arma.  Marcy stepped back to look at Edwin.  This was his second Halloween but the first time he'd been old enough to dress up.  Last year she zipped him into a puppy sleeper with ears on the hood.  This year she went all out with a costume perfect for his personality.  He was a baby rhino, horn and all.  Not that Edwin was an aggressive child... well, he did kind of roar when he didn't get his way.

Now it's time to go get my skeleton rearranged.  Out into the wind!  But no rain, at least not yet.