Tuesday, June 14, 2011

So Much to Share

I just realized that I've been slacking off posting this week. I have a lot to show you, not all from this week but most of it. The oldest thing I have to show is all of 10 days old. My friend Skully wanted a fanny pack so I gave her one I made a while back. The first time she tried to use it the zipper broke. D'oh. So I made her a new one AND I increased the width and the depth so it would hold more. I hadn't sewed in a long time but evidently it's like riding a bike, you remember how. I think it's freaking beautiful.

Sunday night after knitting on it all afternoon at the W
orld Wide Knit in Public Day event in a downtown park, I finished the Carnival Ankle Sock. See how the pink pools on the one side? I decided to put a few (6) rows of k1, p1 ribbing in the instep to shift the color arrangement. All it did was move the pink from one side to the other. I don't really mind it, I just wanted my little fudge to work better.

Skully lent me her copy of One Yard Wonders last week and I copied a couple of the patterns. They're very clever and I've been more and more interested in making clever things with fabric. I bought some designer remnants of drapery and upholstery fabrics and I've acquired a stash of fat quarters so I've got the raw materials for many of the patterns. Yesterday at work I cut out one for a trash bag to hang in the car (working around the pressure of my one customer of the day) and sewed it last night. I'm very pleased with it.

Mom sewed an outfit for an American Girl doll for a raffle and it's so darling, you have to see it. She's so talented, a much better seamstress than I'll ever be, and she has such patience for getting things just right. Look at that little hat! She made it from scratch, can you believe it? I think she's a doll clothes making genius.

The lettuces are
happy with the cool weather we've been having and the biggest patch of poppies (poppies!!!) is a-bloom in the garden. I'd have a whole yard of poppies if I could, but I wish they'd bloom all summer.

I keep thinking that I have more pictures to show you but for the life of me I can't remember what. This is enough for now anyway. I'll add more later if my brain shifts back into gear.


Ann said...

I love that bag! And Grandma's doll dress is gorgeous. Love you!

Aunt B said...

I don't know how she does it. That doll dress and the HAT!!! Still..... your knitting projects rank right up there in the creativity department. Thanks for making sure we got to see what both of you have been doing.