Thursday, June 16, 2011


We're packing this morning so that I can zoom home after work, load the car, Durwood, and drive away. The son of our friends is getting married in Goshen, IN and we're going to watch. And help celebrate, of course. I've already had the yarn/knitting project mental exercise, you know, when you think you'll have way more time to knit than you actually will so you take too much yarn. I have to consider the drives down and back too, so my knitting bag is ready. We also need to put fresh sheets on the other bed because DS & DIL1 have to refugee here for a couple nights this weekend. Their sanitary sewer backed up and a plumber cleared out 67 ft. of tree roots growing right up to their drain. Now a different plumber needs to discover if he can fix the problem remotely or has to dig up the street, so their pipes need to be un-watered for 48 hrs. before he shows up on Monday. Therefore they'll be sleeping over here since they can't flush or wash or anything. Maybe there'll be supper when we get home Sunday night. That'd be nice, wouldn't it?

June 15--Mesopotamia, Babylon, Panel with Striding Lion. Fletcher always ran through the galleries and exhibit halls ignoring ancient art and dioramas. The only reason he liked to visit the museum was to visit Jacob the lion. From the first time he saw the panel of bricks that comprised the Babylonian lion, he loved it. His mother thought he'd be afraid because it's a fierce lion but instead Fletcher tried to get out of his stroller. He babbled at it, reaching out his little arms as if to embrace it. Once he was able to talk he insisted on spending his time with Jacob. "Why do you call him Jacob?" his mother asked. Fletcher looked up at her and said, "Because that's his name." "How do you know?" The little boy fixed her with a level look. "He told me." She didn't argue. The curators at the museum all knew Fletcher, and Doctor Davies who was in charge of the Babylonian exhibit took great pleasure in having the boy tag along when he did his regular tour to make sure the exhibit was in good shape.

It's another humid, dreary day. I've been up for an hour and a half and I feel like I could go right back to sleep. Yawn.

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