Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yellow Blanket

There's a thick blanket of pollen over everything outside today. Even the birdbath has a visible scum of it. I guess that's what comes from living 2 blocks from a park. DS is stopping over in an hour to borrow the circular saw. He and DIL1 went down to City Hall yesterday and, for $5, got the first Urban Chicken permit in Green Bay, so today DIL1 and her best friend from high school will be building a chicken coop for their new backyard. Thus the need for the saw. Durwood and I have been wondering how long it will take for most of our tools to migrate to their house. Not that we mind, you understand and they do return them, we are happy to have what they need so they don't have to buy or rent the stuff. DD and DIL2 spent their weekend making 4 kinds of strawberry jam: strawberry/lime, strawberry/vanilla/nutmeg, strawberry/balsamic, and strawberry/pineapple which neither of them liked. DD said it was okay, that batch made only 3 half-pints. Those two have caught the canning bug. Everyone got jars of homemade jams and spreads last year for Christmas and was most pleased.

June 1--Henri Rousseau, The Repast of the Lion. Hank needed new glasses. That was obvious. His drawing was precise, almost painfully so, but his depth perception was shot to hell. It looked like everything was on the same plane. There was no vanishing point. Things didn't get smaller toward the back, there was no back. A blue flower the size of a patio umbrella loomed on the right and a stack of white bananas as big as a tepee filled the left side of the canvas. Down in front, almost hidden by blades of grass, was a tiny lion eating an even tinier cheetah. Yep, Hank needed new glasses and maybe he needed to lay off the weed for a bit too.

Time for Cheerios. Have a great day! Aunt B, I'm glad your summer rolls turned out. Love you.

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Aunt B said...

I love that they're building a chicken coop!!! I assume that means there will be chickens out there at some point in time. So neat!!! Just a week or so ago, I said to Paul that we should get some chickens to live in the backyard but he ignored me!!! That means "no" in Rehder language!