Tuesday, June 21, 2011


with intermittent rainy periods. So no lawn mowing today, besides it was "doctor day" for Durwood, and, no, it wasn't anything fun. It was 3, count 'em, 3 doctor's appointments for various things, ongoing checkup kind of things. We did have a nice lunch in a hospital cafeteria but still it was tiring. You know it's funny, you don't really spend all that much time with the doctor, but all the waiting and driving from one clinic to another because God forbid all your doctors should be in the same building or even on the same side of town. Naturally after the last appointment we stopped at Sam's and Festival Foods for salmon for supper, and then I zoomed off to the fabric store(s) for a bit of stuff to make a map bag for our trip west. I figure I'll cut it out tomorrow at work and then sew it on Thursday. Having time to cut fabric or knit at work makes my friend Skully laugh. I can't ever get a real job. I'd suck at it.

June 20--August Renoir, Nini in the Garden.
Her sewing fell across her lap like a blanket of flowers. More than one inquisitive honey bee buzzed up to the bright flowers she embroidered on the white linen of the tablecloth. Nini's needle flashed silver in the sun's rays as she plunged it into the fabric to form tiny stitches to make the design. When she was small, four years old or maybe five, her Maman sat her down and taught her how to hem a towel. Maman was only pleased by small, even stitches. Many small squares of linen were stitched and then unpicked to be stitched again with more precision and skill. Eventually a small store of towels and linens began to accumulate in the chest in the parlor. Nini spread her hands over the tablecloth in her lap with satisfaction. She might not have acquired a husband yet but she had amassed an arsenal of beautiful work good enough to quiet the most particular of future mothers-in-law.

I could have kept going but it was late. I'm hoping to be able to mow de lawn when I'm off on Thursday. If I don't get to, does anyone have a hay rake and baler I can borrow this weekend?

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