Tuesday, June 14, 2011

4 Miles Down and Back on the Trail

It's a bit far with new shoes and new orthotics. Especially the orthotics. They're way different than my old ones so there are quite a few new "rub" places from them. I even wore some of my new-ish, cushier socks, but my insteps are both a little sore. We couldn't have ordered a better day for a walk today, though. It's sunny, a bit breezy, and in the 60s around 8:30 when we met to walk, and we made better time today, four miles in an hour and fifteen minutes. Not fast but faster than we've been walking lately with my bum knee and Dusty's sore hips. Ah, it's a treat to be close to 60! But I've gotta say that even with the aches and sore places I really like walking, it keeps my joints oiled and I'm determined to keep moving. Today we saw the carp spawning in the shallows along the riverbank. It's cool to see their dorsal fins above the water and some of the white pelicans were flying down where we could really see them and how big they are. I'd love to live along the river or a lake someday and watch the birds and the wind and the water. A person could turn off the TV and be eternally entertained.

June 13--Japan, Edo Period, Noh Costume. Despite the lightness of its colors and design, the Karaori costume weighed down Kibori's shoulders. She had grown up knowing she was destined for the Noh but it was a hard life. It had been years since she had the freedom or the leisure to stroll through the market or think about buying a finch to keep her company. She spent hours each day learning other parts while she repaired costumes with the other actresses. The men worked to make sure the sets were in good repair, so none of them lived lives of ease. Despite what was written about them, their fans had no idea about the narrow and dreary lives they led. Kibori hadn't seen her parents or siblings in years. She didn't even know if they were still alive. More and more she dreamed of a life lived in a village with a man who made her laugh, a little garden where she could grow cabbages, onions and a plum tree, and a little brown dog that would chase butterflies. It seemed so little to ask.

It's flag day today. Fly the stars and stripes proudly. Go and play outside too. Maybe fly a kite.

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Aunt B said...

You should live down here where you could see all kinds of water fowl all the time -- plus lots of fish -- dolphins porpoising along out there real often. Paul saw a four foot shark off our dock yesterday morning!!! So no more swimming in the intracoastal!!!