Thursday, June 23, 2011


I feel like this is how our summer's going to be. I'll have to do some La Nina research or consult the Farmer's Almanac, see what they have to say. I'd like to be able to have my coffee and read the paper on the patio in the morning but have only been able to do it once since the snow melted. Once! and it's past the middle of June already. What's this world coming to? I mowed the lawn after getting home from work yesterday, finishing about 10 minutes before it started pouring rain. Whew. One of these days I need to weed the garden and put down mulch but it has to stop raining all the time for me to do that. I want to make a rhubarb cobbler today too. I found the recipe on The Pioneer Woman's website and it looks too yummy not to make. Oh, I know what else I've been meaning to tell you... through another blog (Jane Brocket) I discovered BBC Radio 4's interview podcast Desert Island Discs. The premise is the interviewee, or castaway, gets to choose 8 records to take along if they're marooned, one book (besides the Bible and Collected Works of Shakespeare), and one luxury. I'm riveted. They've got over 500 of the most recent ones archived so you can download them to your computer or listening device, so I've picked names I recognize and have been devouring them. I was disappointed that Bill Bryson, whose books I love, is an absolute bore in an interview, but I intend to go trolling through and listen to all the poets and authors whether I recognize them or not, and then the rest of them as I can. It's like there're 500 new people just waiting to meet me! I am madly in love with my iPod Touch and the worlds it has opened to me.

I was so tired last night I could barely keep my eyes open to write, in fact, I didn't as you'll see.

June 22--America, Baltimore, Desk and Bookcase. It was too ornate for Lanie's taste with its orange stained doors and gilt panels. It had been passed down to them by Bert's mother so there was no way to refuse it. There were stuck with the enormous thing. She wouldn't have it in their bedroom. It clashed with her lovely Asian...

Whatever. The furniture piece was a monstrosity, totally not my taste. Now I'm off to the basement sewing area to make a map bag for keeping our maps (duh) and tour books and motel guides and Internet print-offs for our trip out WEST in August. Later Durwood and I are going to the woodworking store to see if I can't find a pattern for a child's chair I like better than the one shown in the catalog for the workshop I'm taking next month at The Clearing. Stay dry today.

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Aunt B said...

You must be getting all the rain that isn't coming to Wilmington!!! We're in a drought down here and are praying for rain. Weird!!!