Sunday, June 12, 2011

World Wide Kint In Public Day Today!

And I'm getting a zit on my chin. You'd think when you're racing toward your 60th birthday you wouldn't get zits, but guess again. At least it's skin colored and not bright red. Even though I'm looking forward to WWKIP-ing I wish I was diving, and not just any diving but Caribbean diving. In Bonaire. I have a picture I took underwater in Bonaire pinned to the cork board over my desk and I'm looking at a little pink-tipped Anemone with some Bicolor Damselfishes and Chromis swimming around it. I can feel the velvety soft, blood warm, salt water on my skin, and my hair waving in the surge. Well, in my imagination I can. It'd be lovely to be down there breathing in and out and feeling the pulse of the ocean. We'd have real, made in Holland, Dutch Gouda cheese on whole wheat for lunch and then go do another dive after a little nap in the heat of the day. Yeah, that'd be a great way to spend today. Instead I'll pack up my sock in progress and my afghan block in progress, my olive salad hummus and pita chips, a bottle or 2 of water, my hat, sunscreen and lawn chair in a bag, and head off to Jackson Square Park to knit for a few hours with the Bay Lakes Knitting Guild women. It'll be good. And maybe I'll go down to Titletown Brewing for their inaugural Movie Night out on the patio. Tonight's feature is that classic from the 80s, Spaceballs! Yeesh.

June 11--Egypt, Thebes, Valley of the Kings, Artist's Sketch of Pharaoh Spearing a Lion. "You can see how quickly the artist sketched his ideas onto the scrap of limestone," the lady with the nametag said. Louie's mom nodded and said, "Oh, he's put such tension and energy there with so few strokes." They walked on, Mom and the nametag lady, going on and on and on about the colors, how bright they were, and the hieroglyphs, what they meant. Louise thought she would have liked the Egyptians. She liked how they gave people animal heads in their pictures and the flowers they painted, but she didn't think it was fair that they painted on walls and everyone, especially Mom, thought it was just great. If she painted on walls, or the fence, no one thought it was good. In fact Mom acted like Louie had committed a crime. It wasn't fair.

Life's all about perspective, isn't it? Enjoy your day! I intend to.

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