Friday, June 3, 2011

Mmm, Sweet

The lilies of the valley are blooming out the patio door next to the patio. I may just spend the day out there "huffing your flowers" as DIL1 said yesterday. They smell so good, and they remind me of being at my Grandma Stephan's house in spring where the lilies of the valley grew under a big spruce tree in their front yard. I'd crawl back by the trunk and sit and read in the cool, dim, fragrant space. Lovely.

When I picked some to bring in, one of the stems was a little short and for some reason I looked into the bell of those flowers. Did you know that there are little pink scallops in there? Me neither. I tried to take a picture but I don't think you can see it very well.

Oh, here're the tiny lettuce sprouts. You can see that my careful, even soil has been dug into by impetuous squirrels so I've had to erect a chicken wire tower around the pot and up into the sky to deter the little marauders.

I cast on Bandwagon Block #5 last night. The mitered crosses part goes very quickly, then the log cabin parts pretty much zoom along too. If a person really focused she could crank these out like, well, like knitting popcorn. Of course, this person has a problem with focus so sh
e dawdles through them, spending time with the Lava Shawl, or scrolling through Ravelry looking for a pattern to make with the single skein of Lion Brand Nature's Choice Organic Cotton in Curacao colorway she bought last weekend when she had lots of Joann's coupons. Ah well, I wouldn't be as interesting if I didn't have that little touch of ADD, would I?

I had to include my new/used iPod Touch with the cover of A Dirty Job on the screen in the picture. I didn't have any customers
yesterday, none all day, so I was able to listen to Fisher Stevens read to me until the battery charge nearly ran out on the drive home. I have a wall charger (thanks for the tip, Skully!) so it was all ready to go this morning. I figured out (with Skully's and Cookie's help) how to download books from the library to the iPod and I'm thrilled with it--and myself. I could (almost) forgo the games, music, and apps just to have the capacity of books I can load on it. I put 4 whole novels on there this week and barely made a dent. Thanks for selling it to me, Skully.


Aunt B said...

Ahhh, Barbara Sue -- the minute I saw those lillies of the valley, I was transported back to that very scene you described -- under that big spruce tree in mother and daddy's yard! I used crawl back in there too when I was a little girl oh so many years ago. I'm so happy we share those same sweet memories. Love you.

Barbara said...

Me too.