Friday, July 1, 2011

Day Off #1

Today I've done about as much work as I plan to do all weekend. I dragged the hose up to the retaining wall and hooked it up to water Durwood's raspberries for a few hours, then hooked it up to water the rest of the flowers, and the Patty Pan squash, on top of the retaining wall. I filled all the birdfeeders, moved the lettuce out of the direct sun (so it might not bolt in the heat), and topped off the fountain and birdbath. Today's "heat index" is supposed to top out over 100 so I'm planning to lay low the rest of the day. I might even spend some time below ground (in the basement) sewing a bit. I want to spend part of the next 5 days underwater too. I'm hoping to go diving with friends tomorrow, I've got a call in to them, waiting for a callback.

June 30--American, Lancaster Co., PA, Log Cabin Pattern Quilt. She planned all summer while she worked in the garden and in the autumn when she preserved all her produce. She saved the money she earned selling eggs in town so that she could buy the fabrics and thread she would need. Livia was not the most patient of women but this time, in this one instance she took her time. Once the frosts came and gardening season was passed she had the time to dedicate to making the quilt. Throughout the year she made garments as needed and mended them to make them last but this quilt was a luxury. For the first time since she was betrothed all of the fabric would be new. She had put in her order with Mr. Martin at the store in Galena for the black and white calico and the solid pink. She looked forward to the hours of cutting and piecing, carefully putting together the log cabin blocks. She would make the quilt top, sandwich the batting between the top and backing, and then it would be hard winter, time to get out her quilt frame so that she could sew the layers together. Each stitch would be made with care.

I wish you could see the picture of this quilt. The pieces are so thin, sewn together with such care, that it's hard to fathom making it. It's not perfect, you can see where the pieces don't join straight but that's part of its beauty. Stay cool today.

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