Sunday, July 31, 2011

Haircut? Check.

That's it for "have to do"s today. Now I'm on to "want to do"s. I got DS & DIL1s bathroom valance cut out, the short sides hemmed, and the box pleats pinned in. I decided to let it marinate overnight and tackle it today when I'm fresh and a few more of my brain cells are awake. Then I've got 3 more skirts cut out to sew up. I'm hoping to get at least one put together today. The first one I made last week is getting a lot of wear. Dang you, Lala, for setting me on this path; I could be knitting or making sawdust instead of sewing. It must be sewing season, though, my beautician's 12 year old daughter is trying to learn to sew on a machine neither of them knows how to use so I found a place they can take it for a tune-up and some lessons, and sent a link to where a lot of young people are designing their own clothes. If you're into sewing, check it out. I stumbled on it a few weeks ago linked through a blog and am excited about what I saw. Okay, I'm getting on with this so I can go into the basement and make sewing. You know I'm serious because I'm taking the vacuum down with me to suck up all the sawdust that's tracked on the carpet in the craft area.

July 30--India, Water Pipe Base. Neely squeezed between a dresser and a stack of tables to get to the back of the antique shop in Glendale. It was a stretch to call this mishmash of junk, collectibles, and just enough real antiques to warrant the name in a small rural town trying to lure tourists off the interstate five miles east. Neely and her best friend Rae had driven down from the small industrial city where they lived a couple hours north to check out a llama farm with a yarn shop in the farmyard and decided to visit Glendale too. They had browsed a bead shop in the old mercantile and a quilt shop in what had been a hardware store with never-ending extensions and little rooms that led off each other like a maze. By then they were ready for lunch and found a small cafe with mismatched tables and chair set under huge trees hung with candles in jars and metal sculptures that twirled in the breeze. Their waitress told them that everything had come from Uncle Louie's Antiques at the south end of First Street. They agreed to investigate what Uncle Louie had to offer right after lunch.

To be continued...

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