Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Am Knitting Too

I'll have you know that I voluntarily vacuumed today. I vacuumed the carpet in my sewing area in the basement--and then I made another skirt, and I used the machine Mom gave me a couple weeks ago to get used to it.

I have been knitting, though. I got a free pattern when I bought a couple skeins of yarn
from Spin last weekend on my way home from The Clearing. I cast on last Sunday and couldn't get past Row 2. Row 2!! I knit and ripped, knit and ripped until I flung it from me in frustration. I got smart on Monday and personal messaged the pattern's designer on Ravelry. She got right back to me that there was an error in the pattern and she'd send me an email copy. Hooray!

I tried to finish the Baby Socks for Tanya's baby-to-be before Friday Night Knitting because it was the last Friday she'd be there before the baby arrived. Didn't make it. I had to show
her the single completed sock and promise the second before the baby was born. Didn't make that either. I got the leg knitted sitting in the ER yesterday waiting to find out that Durwood was fine, but didn't get the heel, etc. done. I visited with Mom and sat with Durwood after supper not knitting. Baby Clara Beth lost patience and got herself borned yesterday evening during a storm. Babies, they're just not reliable.

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