Saturday, July 2, 2011

Holiday Weekend

I didn't seem to accomplish much this week so I don't have much to show you, but I did knit on the Bandwagon Afghan Block #6 at work. See?

We're both enjoying the fruits of my lettuce planting. We figure this is about 3 more days' worth of salad before we'll have to wait for the next batch of leaves. Look at the bottom of the picture to see the little pale green leaves starting. Next time I think I'll plant spinach in the pot too, or maybe I'll dig another pot out of the shed and plant spinach in that one. I want to go get some annuals to plant in some pots, bet they'll have seeds on sale now that it's July.

Today I got to go diving with a couple friends. (They said to say "hi," DD) It was a perfect day--hot, sunny, and with j
ust a bit of breeze. We went up to Gills Rock at the tip of Door County for a couple of dives, then back to Garrett Bay (my favorite) for a third dive. They've done some remodeling at Garrett Bay, DD. They spread out the big "sitting on" rocks, there's a rubberized launch area (for all the kayaks that launch there, I think), and they've made a little park across the road with a real Port-a-Potty! No more peeing in the woods!!!! Yay! Still got the biting flies, tho. We got Subway on the way up this morning and sat in the dappled shade after our last dive and enjoyed the perfect day before driving home to rinse and hang gear. If I didn't have a 10:30 AM haircut tomorrow I could go with
hem again. Oh well. Maybe next weekend.

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Anonymous said...

What a pretty day to go diving!!!!! I love your scarf and I can't wait to see the final product!!!!!!

<3 Em