Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day Off

I've decided to take the day off today on my day off. You know, loll around like a lady of leisure pursuing hobbies and accomplishing the bare minimum of chores. I've got 2 loads of laundry left to do, I can do those while downstairs sewing. It makes me feel smug to kill two birds with one stone. Darling Durwood went off to do errands a couple hours ago so I'm wallowing in the solitude. I can't really explain it but being here alone is a lot more relaxing than when we're both here, which is sort of foolish because he's quiet and undemanding but I guess all those years when he was out of town are hard to overcome. It made me feel better when I learned that he misses being out there and in his little motel rooms alone, able to do and be by himself too. Guess you could say that we're both hermits at heart. I didn't get far writing last night, I conked off fast once I climbed into bed. As proof there're faint little sleep-writing scribbles in two or three places in my notebook.

July 8--Alexandre Pere & Fils, Accordion. Leona was drawn to the gleam of the silver corner mounts and the bright paint on the old accordion. People made fun of them, she knew that, but she liked the cheerful music they produced.

See? Sleepy. Survive your day, I intend to.

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