Monday, July 25, 2011


I'm not here today hurrying to get from breakfast to class. I'm at home supposed to be getting ready to go back to work. I'll be happy to get a paycheck today, but I'd rather be on vacation again. Not that I want to be so hot for another week but I'd like to have all decisions made and few responsibilities. That's pretty addictive, you know. I met Cookie last night at Titletown Brewery to watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail outside on their patio. It drew the biggest crowd so far in their film series, close to 100 it seemed. Any way you slice it that's a success. DS & DIL1 should have their kitchen re-do finished this week. I'm excited to get to see it. Still no eggs from Henny & Penny but they're still young. DIL1 says they shouldn't start to lay until September or October. I want them to hurry up so I can see a dark brown shelled egg.

July 24--Kano Sansetsu, The Old Plum. A long gash that ran from corner to corner made Livia's heart nearly stop. Roaul's father had brought the panels home after "the war." "The war" he'd say, like there had never been a war of consequence before or since. The ancient paper and wood had weathered the past four-hundred-fifty or so years since it was made remarkably well. There was the smallest of tears in one corner but this, this had to be deliberate. She could feel the power of the stroke that rent the old paper, the hatred required to destroy something so beautiful, and it made her shiver. And what was that on the wall below the panel? She touched a fingertip to the spot and it came back slick and wet. Blood. There was another drop next to her shoe. No, two. Her eyes were drawn to follow the trail of drops that got closer together across the library until they became a solid line and then blossomed into great gouts of warm, coppery-smelling blood on the old wood floor. "Raoul," she screamed.

Well, that's a dramatic way to start the week, isn't it? D'you think I'll have many customers today? I suspect I'll tend to sit staring vacantly into space, jerking alert when the door chimes jangle. Stay cool.


Sharon said...

It gets hot at The Clearing? Wow! I do like the chair you made.

Aunt B said...
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Aunt B said...

Maybe you'll have what I call an "S and S" day -- sit and stare! Love that chair you made at the clearing. Daddy would have been proud!