Wednesday, July 27, 2011


We need rain, real rain, not this anemic drizzle, but it makes me glad I mowed the lawn yesterday. I got all my new fabric washed and dried so I can take a couple lengths to work with me today and maybe carve out a few minutes to lay it out on the back tables and cut. It's a lot easier to cutt on the tables than on the basement floor, but either way works. Truthfully, I'd rather be busy at work than have all that time to fill with Netflix and knitting. Really. I won't be quitting any time soon for a job with more work but I'd rather have customers or things to do than have to amuse myself for 7 hours a day. Go figure. Durwood's off to see the doc today to hopefully get to feeling better. We think he's got an infection again or maybe the earlier one was never cured but he's got to get better if we're going to Yellowstone in a couple weeks. We'll postpone it if he's not up to it right now.

July 26--Iran, Kashan, Tile. The tile floor felt so cool underfoot. Trina noticed the temperature change even though most of her senses strained to hear if any of Dr. Morganov's spies were tailing her. She had been so happy to get a place in his lab right out of grad school. His work with isotopes was groundbreaking and she looked on this as a chance to get a leg-up in the field. The first few months had been great but then Dr. Morganov'e assistant Igor saw her making notes and tucking them into her lab coat pocket. Within an hour he had accused her of stealing. Even showing him the pad with her grocery list did not placate him. He wanted to search her office, her lab, and even her person but she could not lot that happen. She had to get out.

And I'm off to work, fabric and scissors in hand (well no, they're in a bag actually, a bag from Rise 'n Roll Bakery outside of Goshen, IN but "in hand" is a nice shorthand way to say I'm taking them with me, not forgetting them in the kitchen), hoping to have a few customers to break up the boredom today. Stay dry.

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