Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day Off #5

It was too hot to walk far in the mosquito-filled stillness so we turned around barely halfway down the trail. When I got home the garage door opener repairman was here finding out that I could have fixed the renters' door. Ah, well, such is life. Today I need to get my nails done and I've got a chiro appointment, then I'll probably sew. It's cool in the basement and I'm hot, hot and sweaty. I went over to Mom's yesterday to deliver some copies I'd made for her and a pound of hamburger and she asked me to help her go through a couple bins of fabric a friend of a friend gave her. It was a wasted effort, most of it was pieces of upholstery and drapery fabric, totally inappropriate for doll clothes so we donated it once we trolled through it and I took what I wanted to make bags, etc. Mom gave me an early birthday present--a fancy computerized sewing machine! It's the first one she bought and doesn't use anymore. I'm excited. I think I'll spend part of today seeing if I can't figure out how to make it work.

July 4--Winslow Homer, A Wall, Nassau.

Red poinsettia blossoms soar
over garden walls
silent fireworks
in the Caribbean sun.
Sea and salt and flowers' perfume
an appealing replacement
for acrid gunpowder.

I went with DS & DIL1 to the fireworks last night. It was excellent, loud and bright and colorful.

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