Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Walking & Mowing, Which is Similar to Walking but More Productive and Less Scenic

I'd like horticulturists to develop lawn grass that grows 2-3 inches tall and then stops, please. They've hybridized everything else... oh, you don't think the lawnmower manufacturers have kidnapped the botanists and stolen the plant genes do you? I'm sure Detroit'd be able to make much more efficient cars if the oil sheiks didn't pay them off. It's a vicious cycle. A conspiracy even. We hired the neighbor to weed the garden this morning. With the heat lately and me feeling especially old (and lazy) it was worth twenty bucks to have Mario do it. Now I can mow with a clear conscience. Need to replant the green onions though. I stopped at the fabric store on my way home from walking to buy some fabric to make skirts. Lala wore skirts last week at The Clearing and she looked so nice and cool that I decided I want some too. I know I won't have the casual elan that she displays when she wears them but if I don't look at myself in a mirror I'll feel like I look good. I also was on an earring buying jag up there. I probably bought 8 pairs, all dangly, but I'm tired of wearing posts or short earrings. Now I understand Mom and Aunt B buying leather and feather earrings in the '60s when I was a teen; you never want to get old enough to wear "old lady" things even when you are.

July 25--Francesco Guardi, The Grand Canal above the Rialto. The midday sun bounced off the pale stucco walls and it's heat rose in waves from the roofs. The water of the canal was choked with gondolas and boats bearing merchandise, trinkets for sale to the tourists and produce from farms out in the countryside beyond the city. Bianca felt the weight of her purse as she crossed over the bridge from her home in the building next to the canal. As she made her way across she checked to see that her wash was secure on her lines. She could see her bright yellow blouse and Marco's blue shirts flapping and joining arms as the wind blew them together just as they were tangled together last night.

I'm off to mow de lawn, log another mile, while the new fabric I bought takes a spin in the wash for pre-shrinking.


Ann said...

I think you'll look nice in skirts. You might also consider making some dresses out of a stretchy knit; I feel like they suit me more than shirts/blouses and skirts.

Aunt B said...

We just planted a ton of Weeping Love Grass (don't you love that name?) that is supposed to grow up to about a foot tall and then bend over -- like a weeping willow -- and you NEVER HAVE TO MOW IT!!! Will let you know if it works!! I have an old picture of me and Marl where I'm wearing some kind of a feather headband or something! Know what you mean about the dangly earrings. I've bought several myself this year.