Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day Off #2

Today I get to go diving. Yippee! My diving friends want to do two dives so I'm all packed with 2 tanks in the car and all my gear there too. I need to go over the packing list once I've got this posted so I don't forget anything. I'll stop at Subway for a sub to take along for lunch and I've got some fruit and water in a cooler. I'm totally thrilled to go. Durwood's off to breakfast with his old census pals, then he'll run a few errands, and come home to nap the day away. The day would only be better if he were able to come diving too but his lungs won't let him exert himself like that anymore so I go every once in a while, and he doesn't. *sigh*

July 1--Michael Ostendorfer, Astronomicum Caesareum. Jake loved the moon. He kept a notebook of his lunar observations. Had since he did the Astronomy Merit Badge in Boy Scouts years ago. He lived for clear nights when the moon shown its blue-white light on the quiet earth. He kept track of moonrise times and the angle it traveled across the sky. As far as Jake was concerned, travel was the time to observe the moon from northern or southern latitudes. He was fascinated to see that changing his position on the planet changed how he saw the moon

I'm not very satisfied with that. I like the moon, I wanted to have something lyrical yet compelling and all I wrote was drivel. Ah well, better luck next time. Have fun today, I'll be all wet.

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