Sunday, July 10, 2011

Freakishly Hot & Humid

Want to know what I learned this afternoon? If you mow on a 80% humidity day and it begins to rain, the humidity goes to 100% and stays there until your head starts pounding. Fortunately Durwood got me some ice water and reminded me to put my wrists under the cool stream. After a shower I went to DS's (DIL1 was working) to survey the kitchen remodel progress and see the grand-chickens. The kitchen cabinets look great and the floor is a wonder. I can't wait to see the finished product. Unfortunately Henny & Penny didn't want to come out of their coop into the blazing sun to have their pictures taken. (I don't blame them) This is all I got. That's Penny on the left with more copper and Henny on the right. One of these days I'll be there when they're out and it isn't so hot and then you'll get a better view of them. They look a lot more chicken-y now, but they still peep like chicks instead of cluck like chickens.

July 9--Peru, Nasca-Wari, Pre-Columbian, Tunic, Catfish.
Steven's eyes locked onto the robe worn by the old Inca. It was red, gold, and brown, and the design was exquisite. Steven had studied textiles in undergrad and symbology had been part of his thesis. He wanted to run up to the old man and spin him out of his cocoon in the blanket.

I couldn't believe how quickly I fell asleep since I went to bed extra early so I'd have the wits to write. Maybe I should talk to my doc and cut my "happy" pill in half. Stay cool.

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