Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Open The Windows!

It's a normal day today, normal for a WI summer day, that is. It's sunny and breezy and supposed to top out in the mid-70s. Ahhh. Naturally I have to work all day, well, I have to stay in the store all day so I won't be able to walk or bike or just eat my lunch outside. But I'm ordering seven more days just like this one starting Saturday so it'll be perfect when I'm at The Clearing next week playing with wood and power tools. That is so what's going to happen. Totally. Anyway, enough fantasy, I opened all the windows this morning so that the cool air can drift in and make it feel and smell great in here. My stargazer lilies are blooming by the front window so that wonderful aroma will drift in. Ahh. Here's a picture of Mom welcoming DIL2 into the family. Isn't this the greatest picture?

Today is
my DD's 30th birthday. I am amazed that it's been that long since she joined our family. I can't imagine life without her. I just wish they lived a bit closer so we could visit a bit more often. She is exactly what I've always wanted in a daughter. She's funny and creative and smart and she puts up with her mother's craziness. What's not to love? Happy birthday, DD! I love you.

July 12--Lahore, The Legend of Hari Krishna. The Krishna dude is, like, levitating, man, and he's holding a whole mountain in one hand. Oh my god, it's got rocks and trees and mountain goats on it but he's still holding it up all smiling, like, what, I can hold this, yeah, so what. If you look at his feet they're not touching the ground. There are people all around him, like, dude, you're holding up a whole ecosystem. And he's all cool. At his feet, well, below his feet are some of those humpty type cattle that those Indians think are holy. Come on. What's hole about a bunch of Big Macs wrapped up in new Nikes, huh?

And on that weird note I'm off to eat Cheerios and get ready for work.


Ann said...

Thanks, Mom! I love you, too!

Aunt B said...

LOVE THOSE PICTURES of Marl and DIL2 and, of course, DD! (Plus the cute, cute bags. Your friend is going to be sooooo happy with hers!)