Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mom's Tooth Day

I picked Mom up around 9 AM, drove her to Dr. Z's office in Shawano (35 mil.) so he could fix her tooth (no root canal, only a filling, yay!), wait for her, and come back to GB. We stopped at Hancock where I found the perfect ribbon for a bag handle (and a few other fabrics, of course, but they were only $1/yard!), then it was off to Subway for lunch and then to Mom's to eat, get some needles and bobbins for the sewing machine she gave me, find her lost keys, and take out her trash. I got home around 2 PM and had just booted up the laptop to post this when the doorbell rang. Our computer guru stopped to give Durwood's desktop a brain washing so I sat at the kitchen table playing with the new sewing machine. Now the guru's got it mostly cleaned up and is rattling Durwood's brain with a spate of computer-speak, but I've escaped to my corner and will slip downstairs to sew as soon as I'm done here. I am the mist.

July 11--Gianni Versace, Evening Dress. "Did you see the dress Lia's wearing?" Kandall gripped Teale's wrist. "She looks like an Andy Warhol billboard." Teale tugged her arm away and rubbed away the marks from her friend's nails. "With Princess Leia buns on her boobs, yeah, I saw her." She shook her head. "I told her she needed to stop dressing in the dark. She was not amused." They sipped their pink cosmos. that was the drink of the season and these two were nothing if not trendy. They pored over websites and fashion magazines. They lived in fear that they might wear the wrong color or shade of a color. They vacillated between envy and disdain regarding what Lia did, said, and wore. This week Lia was out, they decided with silent nods of agreement.

I'm off to the dungeon to sew. Live up the rest of your day.

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