Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Back To Work

I was kind of looking forward to going back, to the quiet of the poor-economy dive shop, but Mrs. Boss came in around lunch--and never left. Gah! It's hard to get into the groove of knitting or Netflix watching with her around. And she's coming in tomorrow too. She has a project for us to do together. *sigh* I'm paying for my five days off, aren't I? I went to the Farmer's Market for Mom after work and got her some asparagus, zucchini, tomatoes, and cauliflower with her "Grandma Bucks." The senior center gave out vouchers for $25 of fresh veggies at the markets so since Mom can't really walk around for herself she volunteered me to go for her. I don't mind, I get to buy goodies for us while I'm there and have 3/$2 crab rangoons as a going home treat. Of course, tonight I had to stop quickly and dumped them and the duck sauce on the floor mat in the car. Good thing I was at a red light so the 5-second rule held. And I got to clean the car mats when I got home. Woohoo!

July 5--Giovanni Pisano, Lectern for the Reading of the Gospels with the Eagle of Saint John the Baptist. John leaned over his workbench, the large carving clamped in the vise. he had spent months working on the commission. A church in the north woods had ordered it for their centennial. There were a lot of eagles up there and the committee decided that's what they wanted on the new lectern for the church. It wasn't some oddball fringe religion either, these were regular Roman Catholics. It had taken a couple weeks to glue up the block using a special glue that took stain the same way the wood did. He had used a dremel to rough out the shape and thin down the wing area. While he worked on that he wanted for a decision on which of the several drawings had had sent. He hoped they chose the least militant one. That morning he started with his hand tools. His vision for the shape emerging from the block sharpened and he began to narrow his focus. He felt the muscles under the carved feathers, the great strength of the broad wings, and the sharp focus of the steady eyes.

Okay, now it's time to clean the bathroom and take out the trash and recycling. Nighty-night.

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Aunt B said...

Barbara, Barbara, Barbara -- you are the busy girl!!! What would Marl do without you?? Hope you got to use some of the Grandma Bucks for yourself. Love you!!