Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day Off #3

Oh, man, diving yesterday was great. Instead of 2 dives we broke the first dive in the middle and did 3. The water wasn't bad temperature-wise; it was 71 at the surface and 63 at 40 feet, and the visibility was about 30 feet. The weather was gorgeous--warm and sunny with a little breeze, and it wasn't as crowded as I'd thought it might be. We got Subway that we ate after the last dive sitting on rocks at our last dive site which was Garrett Bay, my favorite. Today I've got a haircut (long story) and then I need a watch battery so I'll hit Walmart for that and check out the flowers left in the garden center. Once I'm home I'll plant anything I might buy and then I think I might unearth my watercolors. I could get used to this long string of days off.

July 2--Auguste Renoir, Hills Around the Bay of Moulin Huet, Guernsey. The summer sun baked Jean as he stood staring across the field down to the inlet. The blue-gray water looked inviting but he knew it was icy cold. Jean shifted the shotgun he carried broken open in the crook of his left arm and whistled to his bird dog, Bec. She came loping toward him through the knee high grasses, her red and white coat gleaming with health and eagerness. Bec took great joy in flushing birds for jean and then retrieving the carcasses. Jean had trained her for months as she grew, teaching her not to fear the shotgun's report and to willingly give up the birds. He laughed at the silly grin on the dog's face as she reached his side. Man and dog turned downhills toward home, the birdsong competing with the rush of wind through the grasses.

Now it's time to be off to the hair cutter to be de-shagged. Revel in your day.

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