Friday, July 15, 2011

Walked And Packed

Dusty and I (and her dog Maggie) walked a couple miles along the river this morning, then I went to JoAnn's to spend a few coupons that were burning a hole in my purse (usually I can let them expire but not these for some reason), then I came home to pack. It's supposed to be blazing hot and humid next week (of course since I'm staying in a non-air conditioned place up in the woods) so I packed nearly twice as many clothes as I think I'll need so I'll have something dry and non-smelly to put on after class every day. I'm feeling more and more smart for packing my swimsuit too. I'm only taking one extra knitting project and I'm leaving my laptop at home. (Gasp!!!) No plastic crate of books and reference materials and manuscripts either. I've got a notebook and my Alphasmart and that'll just have to do it.

July 14--Vincennes Manufactory, Wine Cooler. It looks like a chamber pot. Well, it's not. It's a wine cooler, an antique one from the seventeen hundreds. Wine coolers are metal, silver even. Remember when the som... the sommel... the waiter brought one to our table that night in Aruba? It looked like a fancy bucket on three legs, not a blue crockery pot with a decal of flowers and a dab of gold paint. You are such a hick, Harold, look at the little label here by the display. It's not crockery, it's porcelain, hand-painted too, not some cheap decal. Look over here, it matches this big dinner service. Yeah, inneresting. Hey look, Miriam, the next room's full of bones and stuffed stuff. You go on and look, dear, I want to see more of these beautiful dishes. I still say it's a chamber pot. My Aunt Rae had one just like it.

Isn't married life grand? I'm going to go over my list(s) once more to make sure I'm not forgetting anything.

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