Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pre-Frenzy Packing

I'm trying to hold onto my sanity, make lists, and calmly plan what to take for next week's workshop at The Clearing. I went to Walmart last night after meeting Cookie and Skully at the City Band concert to get bug spray, sunscreen, a case of bottled water, and a 5-pack of the largest v-neck t-shirts in the Big Men's department to wear in the wood shop. The more I thought about it the more I realized that I didn't have 5 suitably ratty shirts so I figured a pack of men's undie shirts would work and be cheap. They're thinner cotton than regular tees so they'll probably be cooler and it was $13 for 5. A bargain. When I got home Durwood and I shared our nightly orange (he plans to eat a whole one every day while I'm gone, the hog) and then I got my swimming things together including a mask, snorkel and fins because while it'll be fun to look at the clouds like Lala wants to do but it'll also be fun to look at the fishies. Don't tell Lala but I packed a mask and snorkel for her too. Shhh.

July 13--Vincent van Gogh, Corridor at the Asylum. He's sitting down there again. Do you see him there next to the janitor's closet? He's been there every day since the restraints were removed. Doctor Franck says he is only to be allowed to have the oil crayons and chalk, no paints and no brushes. The doctor says the brushes could be weapons for him to hurt himself. You saw that he cut off his own ear since he was here last? I know that it breaks Theo's heart to have him here but it's for the best. Look at the colors he's chosen. There is not a speck of red in the corridor. The green, yes, and the yellow, even the gray on the lower walls is right but where is he getting red? You know, I think I will buy it from him for a few guilders. He can use the money and I need a picture for the hall. Oh, don't laugh. I know it's foolish to put a picture of a corridor in a hall, but I like it. Poor man, I fear he will never get better.

Ah, Vincent, you tortured genius, you were so talented and so flawed. Funny thing is I'm not sure that modern medicine with all its pills and potions is any more effective. It's gray and still here today, kind of somber and waiting. Maybe it'll rain. The garden and flowers need it.

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