Monday, August 1, 2011

Work Day #1 (Can You Believe It's August 1st Already?)

I'm going to be counting the days off this week because I have to work straight through until Saturday and from this end of the week that looks very far away. I know that it really isn't since the days and weeks seem to fly by but seeing "bam work" in every box on the calendar makes it feel semi-eternal. And I also know that I have a really easy, low-stress job that's fun too. I mean, who wouldn't want to work in a dive shop and talk about fish and playing in the water all day? I'm wearing skirt #2 today too so I feel like I look very ladylike (as Lala said) and work appropriate (as DIL1 said), also cute. I realized on my way to work today that I probably need to make a couple solid color skirts. So far all the fabric I've bought is print since all my tops are solid but I should probably have a khaki one and a navy or denim one and maybe a black one. I can feel this becoming an obsession. I have to say that I had big plans for part 2 of Saturday nights prompt and gotten all of 2 sentences written when I fell so deeply asleep that I didn't even notice when Durwood took off my glasses, took my notebook and pencil away, and got into bed himself. I was zonked. So I wrote a bit more today, but there's more to this story so stay tuned.

July 31--India, Water Pipe Base. They walked back down First Street to Uncle Louie's. The building looked like it had begun its life as an automobile showroom but had seen better days. Rae squealed with delight as soon as they stepped through the door. "Look, Neely! I had a Partridge Family lunchbox just like this in third grade." Her hand lovingly caressed David Cassidy's figure leaning cockily against the multicolored bus. Then she frowned. "Hey, if this is in an antique shop does that mean I'm an antique too?" "No, of course not," Neely said from the back of the store where she was wriggling her way between a dresser and some tables, moving toward a black bowl with gold decoration gleaming at her from a rickety bamboo etagere. "It's a collectible so you must be too."

More later. Stay cool, kids.

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