Sunday, August 21, 2011

SCUBA Divers Are Cool, Also Sleepy

This morning I feel my age. My lower back aches and it feels like a blister's growing under the second toe on my left foot. Durwood woke me up at 8 so I could watch CBS Sunday Morning and I felt like I'd just gone to sleep. After cleaning out about a third of the shirts in my closet, I zipped to Mom's to do a few chores before her bridge party and deliver some sliced watermelon for her to serve with her other "picnic" foods, dropped the bag of shirts at Goodwill, then I strolled around JoAnn looking at remnants and rickrack. I spent a bundle but got a bundle. I need to spend a weekend organizing my sewing/knitting area downstairs. Maybe in the winter...

August 20--Alexander Roux, Cabinet. Carly and Grayson bought it when they were furnishing their first house. It was a bit imposing and formal for their current lifestyle but Gray said it would give them something to shoot for. Carly was intimidated by it. She felt like she should apologize to the cabinet for putting polyester and cotton linens and woven raffia placemats into it. She felt some better when Mama came to visit and brought Grandma Babe's sterling flatware. Finally she had something worthy to put on the soft poplar wood shelves.

I like it. It's too short but I like it. Maybe I can add more tonight if I can stay awake past the first 5 minutes after lying down. Toodle-oo.


Aunt B said...

No wonder your back hurt! Lugging all that diving stuff around took a toll on you. But you were still the dutiful daughter helping out for your mom's bridge thingie! I think you're Wonder Woman!

Barbara said...

Well, thanks.