Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oooh, Spooky

It looks like Halloween out there today. It's waaaay overcast and a bit foggy. I know it isn't chilly, I went out to plug in the fountain (and scoop out the second dead goldfish, bye Manny or Max, there's a thirty-cent experiment that went bad) and it's not anywhere close to chilly out there but it looks like it should be. I delivered Mom's birthday gift last evening in the midst of a storm. Mostly the storm was to our north but the sky looked navy blue with clouds and ominous. The ominous went north of GB so we got all show and no blow. I got Mom a 40# bag of "no waste" birdseed so she won't have as many seed hulls to clean off her balcony and she won't have to keep buying those little bags that run out so fast to keep her birdies fed. And I bought a scoop so she can fill the feeder. I'm a practical gift-giver sometimes but rarely am I predicable. Our foray into the new Weight Watchers Points Plus program is working nicely. No food is off-limits so we're not feeling deprived. We even split a bacon cheese Whopper with small fries yesterday and fit it in! Our visit to the attorney was short and sweet, most decisions were already made, so soon we'll get a sheaf of papers to sign and have a few things to rearrange and then we'll be all set for most every eventuality. Good job, us.

August 23--Diego Rodriquez de Silva y Velasquez, Portrait of a Man. He looks so real. So alive. He looks like he could walk in from the next room and tell me about getting his portrait painted. He looks familiar too. Oh, I know, he looks like Eppy, uh, Brian who was in my writing group. Brain wasn't the greatest at growing chin whiskers either. The Spaniard looks like he's in his early twenties and he isn't thrilled to be painted. There is objection and reluctance radiating from his eyes and the set of his lips under that poor excuse for a mustache. I like the way his hear is kind of messy and uncombed, like he had hurried into Velasquez's studio, whipped off his hat, and perched on a stool for the barest minimum of time. I wonder who commissioned the painting?

I hear the crossword puzzle calling. See ya.

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