Saturday, August 27, 2011

Going to Artstreet with DS, Yeah!

Today's Artstreet. Well, all weekend is really, but today's the day I get to go with my lovely son. He's dropping DIL1 off at the brewery for work in a while, I'll meet him/them there, and he and I will walk to the art fair from there. I wish DIL1 could come too. I asked to tag along if they were going but she has to work so he volunteered to accompany me. He's a good boy, erm, nice man. I've got my walking shoes on and a straw sun hat in the car to keep from getting fried in the gorgeous sunny weather. There're some bottles of water in the car so I'll grab one and be all set. I might not even buy anything but I like to go and look and soak up the artsy atmosphere.

August 26--Hubert de Givenchy, Evening Dress.
Even without the feathers people wouldn't be able to take their eyes off that dress. It's merely a length of silk in a rather ghastly shade of peachy melon but it glides across the woman's form like it's alive. The feathers give it definition and whimsy. They stick out and the ones on the long shafts tremble with every breath and pulse. I can see my mother in this dress. She'd have her hair up in a French twist and be wearing spike heel shoes. Her long gloves would be perfect, each little pearl button at the wrists reflecting that insane color. The fact that it was donated to the museum by Mrs. Klaus von Bulow makes it even more fantastic. Remember he was tried for trying to kill her with insulin and got off? I'm sure she's still in a coma or maybe they've pulled the plug. Drama drama drama. This is the dress for that, I'm telling you.

Okay, that's it for me today. I'm off to meet DS and go art gazing. Toodle-oo!

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