Friday, August 19, 2011

It's Friday!

I'm determined to keep my "to-do"s at a minimum this weekend. I get to cook tonight so I have to go to the grocery and pick up a few things, then I think I'll sew downstairs while I do the laundry. See? That'll be good, something fun along with something constructive. We'll have clean clothes and I can make some new ones at the same time. I won't get to run up and down the stairs a bajillion times in a day but I'll deal. And I'm sure I'll be up and down plenty anyway. Then I'll go to Friday Night Knitting for the first time in a month to see my friends. It'll be good too. I was happier this morning when the Wii Fit showed I'd lost a little weight. I know I know, I should only check it once a week but I'm weak. Aunt B, as soon as I find a magic weight loss wand I'll let you know. It isn't fair, they can give you a new heart, liver, kidney, and joints but they can't figure out how to rid you of fat. Pbbbblt.

August 18--Egypt, Cairo, Mamluk Period, Pair of Doors. She laid her hand on the door. The cedar wood gave off its aroma from the day's heat but the ivory inlay felt cool under her fingers. Her eyes traced the intricate designs of the panels, no two were alike, the busyness calming her racing mind. No one expected her to be the one to solve the family's financial woes but if she could convince Jacobs that everything was fine, that she knew where the pearls were, maybe he'd call off the herd of lawyers he'd sicced on them. She stared at her fingers against the cedar and ivory. Her hand didn't shake and she smiled at her brave red nail polish. If only people knew that she wore it to hide behind. They all thought she was so brave. Her stomach gave a lurch but she put her shoulders back, opened her eyes wide, and pushed her way into the crowded meeting room.

Everyone wants the pearls, big black Tahitian ones or perfectly matched pale gold ones, I'd like the pearls too. They might be my favorite gems. I like the colored ones best, of course. Happy day!

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