Monday, August 8, 2011

No Goldfish For Me

Walmart doesn't sell goldfish anymore, dang it, so there are still those whatever-they-are in the fountain. Now I'm determined to find a little goldfish someplace. I wonder if there are any aquarium stores in town anymore. Oh goodie, more chasing around. Ah, I just remembered that our friends Deb & Kevin have a big aquarium, I'll bet they'll know where I can buy a little goldfish, a-a-and there's a Petco next to Hancock Fabrics. Now my brain's kicked in. Whew, I was afraid it would stall out all day. Our supper last night was deeeelicious. DS & DIL1 came over and we feasted. See my plate? Those aren't cucumbers, they're raw zucchini with basil, lemon zest, and a tiny bit of olive oil. Yum yum. For dessert we had blueberry granita which is berries whirred in the food processor, strained to get the skins out, with a bit of sugar, water and lemon juice (I think). You pour it into a flat baking dish and scrape it as it freezes making it fluffy. It was so good we ate it all. It was great to get to spend a couple hours with them enjoying good conversation and a good meal that they didn't make.

August 7--Johan Adolph Grecke, Pair of Flintlock Pistols of Empress Catherine the Great. Edith and John stood back to back in the early morning mist. The sun had just peeked over the horizon turning the mist a rosy pink tinged with yellow. The Spanish moss hanging from the trees looked like ghosts caught in the branches. The horses tied at the edge of the clearing stamped their hooves and jangled their bridles with impatience. The man in the black suit and ragged top hat laid out the rules. "Each will take ten paces apart as I count aloud, then turn and shoot. I will consider a breach of the agreement as a forfeit. Are we ready?" John nodded. Edith nodded too--and then she giggled. "Dammit, Edie," John said, "we are never going to get this done if you keep giggling like you're in junior high." Edith put the tips of her fingers over her lips and pinched to try to stifle her laughter. "I'm sorry, dear, but I just don't feel like Aaron Burr, and you look silly in that hat."

Here we are beginning a new week, make the most of it!


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Ann said...

There's an aquarium store downtown, or there used to be--Broadway and... shoot, I can't remember. You would turn left off of Walnut going from home toward downtown, and it would then be on your left.