Friday, August 12, 2011

See, It's Like This...

I should have been at Mom's an hour ago to take out her trash but my friend JJ came around 9-ish to try and adjust our garage door opener. He fiddled and screwed. We up-ed and down-ed enough to overheat the motor so we had to visit for a while to let it cool off. He fiddled and twirled knobs again. No luck. We probably need a new one. That's another $300 bucks or so out the door. Gah. I'm going to pound this out, zip to Mom's, and hurry home to write. I HAVE TO GET THAT WRITING DONE OR ELSE. And I want to go play tomorrow with Skully and Cookie and I want to go to the corn roast on Sunday so I have to put out today. Maybe I'll skip knitting tonight...

August 11--Southern Italy, Plaque. It was old all right, so old that the ivory was yellowed and cracked. You know, you look at it and you're ready to be impressed, to be blown away by the artistry of the work, bu then you get close to this plaque and it looks like a Cub Scout carved it. The cross is gorgeous, carved with precision and attention to detail. The carvings in the four quadrants? Not so much. The cow or bull looks like a Disney reject and the eagle is too scrawny and Barney Fife-looking to be scary or commanding. I think that this is art that looks best from farther away.`

Like me, most days. I figure I'm a "far away" beauty. Stay cool

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