Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back To The Grind

I sort of managed to lay off yesterday afternoon but it was hard not to scurry around and accomplish things. After mowing I harvested the garden, there were only 6 blueberries and 1 raspberry, but there was a lot of everything else. I sliced a yellow squash and a patty pan, diced half of the green pepper and half of an onion our renter gave us, minced a garlic clove, and a couple Roma tomatoes that I sauteed in butter and sesame oil (just a tsp. of each) until al dente. I sprinkled on a bit of salt, pepper and just a tiny splash of Worcester sauce. Mmm, it made a skillet full but we made it all go away. Don baked cod with lemon pepper and some pasta. It was pretty on the plate and yummy in the tummy. I should call Mom to see if she'll be passing the dive shop today so I can give her some squash. Our fridge is full to the brim of veggies since our Farmer's market trip on Saturday plus the bounty from the garden. That is not a bad thing. I could eat a skillet full of sauteed veggies every night. Mmm, August.

August 16--Congo, Kongo Power Figure. It made small sounds as the day cooled toward night. The wooden statue stood in the darkest corner of the room and it looked like it had been in a fight with a nail gun. Gina's eyes were drawn to it. The harder she looked at it the more she imagined that she could feel the impact of each and every nail that protruded from the wooden figure. She cringed at the porcupine look of the feet and knees. The sight made her own joints ache. She knew how suggestible she was so she worked to stiffen her mind against feeling empathy for inanimate objects like the little statue. Who would bring such a monstrosity home for a souvenir, she wondered. It must have been quite a few years ago because these days it would never make it through a security search.

And now it looks like rain. Well, it's time for work anyway. Have a ... day.

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