Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Manny & Max

You should have been on my walk this morning. It was cool and windy and sunny and cloudy, and did I mention cool? GLORIOUS. Skully even had her kite in her car so we sent it up into the sky for the first time even though it was a bit too windy for it and it kept trying to nose dive into the parking lot. After walking I went to the nail salon for a fill, then I wended my way around and through beaucoup road construction to the pet store where I bought Manny & Max, two small gray-ish goldfish for fifteen cents each. Their food cost nearly two bucks but if they eat all the mosquito nymphs in the fountain they're totally worth it. I do not like the idea of having a skeeter factory on my patio.

August 8--Japan, Gong Held by Oni. The little guys did not look friendly, not one bit. Charlotte bent closer to examine the carved imps carrying the gong. She liked their wild thick hair and crazy curly eyebrows but their three-fingers hands and three-toed feet gave her the willies. They looked like they derived mean pleasure from the gong disturbing people's peace.

That's when I gave up and went to sleep. I was so tired that this morning my notebook and glasses were on the floor in front of my nightstand. I must have just heaved them over the side and konked out.

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