Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mow Lawn. Check.

Last nigh after work it was cool and nice so I mowed. Three-quarters of the way through the job the self-propulsion belt slipped off its wheel and I couldn't get it back in place, try as I might. I now appreciate the benefit of having self-propulsion WAY more than I did before. Way. I finished but it was a bit of a slog shoving that uncooperative lump of roaring metal uphill and down dale. Good thing Durwood had yummy grilled chicken, garden veggies, and a big sweet potato for us to have for supper. I've lost 2 lbs. since we started the new WW Points Plus program. Yay! I will say that cheating less is helping too, plus WW has cups of ice cream, chocolate ice cream, and fudge pops that really help me stick to the plan. And the fact that fruit is free as long as it's fresh fruit is a real boon to me too. I love fruit so that's the perfect snack. A bowl of grapes or cherries in the fridge helps me stick to my guns.

August 24--Sevres Manufactory, Lac du Lugano. "I hate doing dishes," said Maureen, up to her elbows in the sink full of hot water and suds. Kate lifted a plate out of the drainer and dried it. "It's not bad, at least these plates have pictures on them." "Yeah," said Amy from her perch atop the avocado step stool, "we could be on latrine duty or laundry." She took the dried dishes from Kate and carefully stacked them in the cupboard. "I'm stacking them by color," she said, "so each family gets the same ones." Maureen shook her ponytail. "No no, you have to mix them up so no one gets the same plate twice. I'd hate to spend the summer eating off the dreary view of Lugano on this one." She held up a beautiful Sevres porcelain plate with a hand-painted scene in the center and red and gilt decorations around the rim. Kate had her hands full of silverware, drying them one by one and sorting them into the cut glass jars that had been on the sideboard since Gran and Gramps had spent their honeymoon at the cottage at the beginning of the last century. "I'm just glad I'm not on latrines."

I must tell you I look especially good today. You watch, I won't have a single customer to appreciate it either. I wore pants to work yesterday and you're right, Lala, skirts are cooler.

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